Customizable Programmable Delay

The Custom Programmable Delay Line (CPDL-100A) offers custom programmable delay at customer specified delay step and total delay range limits. 

The CPDL-100A does not use the Electro-Mechanical Trombone delay line structure, but is made entirely from precision cut phase-matched semi-rigid coaxial microwave cables and coaxial relays. 

CPDL-100A is an excellent fit in signal applications where resolution to 10 ps step size or larger is adequate or where extended total delay up to 200 ns is required.

The key hallmark of this series is no trombone but only relay sections and coaxial cable.  There are times when precision to 0.50 ps is not required and therefore a trombone is not necessary.  With just relays and cable, we can achieve the smallest step size of 10.0 ps.  Both the entire range (up to 200.00 ns) and step size (no smaller than 10.0 ps)  of the CPDL can be custom or specified by the customer.

Add Delay Ranges 

A delay range does NOT have to be contiguous (e.g. from 0 to 50 ns continuous). Individual sections can be switched off or on as delay is required. Total delay will be the sum of each of the delays that are switched on and is programmable. 

Phase Matched Units

Our precision manufacturing line enables us to offer phase-matched CPDL-100A units for differential signal application requirements. Dual units must be ordered at same time to assure precision phase-matched units.

CPDL-100A Specifications

Delay TypeMicrovave relays and semi-rigid coaxial cable
Resolution10 ps (min.)
Delay RangeCustomer specifies resolution to minimum of 10 ps
Total Phase Shift Resolution per 1.0 GHzCustom
Frequency RangeCustom
Data RateCustom
Delay at 0 nsCustom
ConnectivityGPIB (IEEE 488.2), Ethernet TCP/IP, RS-232
Power Handling10W CW, 50W peak [1]
Recommended Service Interval500K operations
Maximum Settling Time50 ms
Recommended Operating Temperature+10° C to 30° C.
Absolute AccuracyCustom
Physical Dimensions (approx)13.375" L x 12.875" W x 5.625" H
Physical Weight4 kg+

[1] Rated lifetime is specified for maximum switching current of 100 mA. Higher currents for increased poswer handling can be switched (Up to 100W CW max.), but the rated lifetime will be lower.

S21 Signal Insertion / Return Loss Reports



MT-100A provides convenient LCD display and numeric keypad entry for manual control of desired delay. 



RMO-1 rack mount kit option to mount delay line instrument chassis into a standard 19" rack. 


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