Our Programmable Delay Lines Offer Unparalleled Precision

Colby Instruments offers programmable delay line instruments suitable for use in high frequency/RF signal applications where extremely high precision and accurate amount of delay is required. 

Our products include a patented design that offers the highest precision resolution available for any instrumentation electromechanical delay line while also offering excellent repeatability and accuracy.


Find the Right Colby Product For You

Use our Product Selector to determine which product best fits your requirements.


Key Features of Colby Products

  • Free from all noise sources, including no phase noise and no jitter
  • Fully programmable via GPIB (IEEE488.2), Ethernet TCP/IP, and RS-232 Serial interfaces
  • All systems can be used as Delay Lines or Phase Shifters
  • Phase shifter applications where high precision phase resolution is required
  • Suitable for both analog and digital applications
  • Very wide analog bandwidth from DC to 18.0 GHz
  • Digital applications from DC to 40 Gb/s NRZ
  • Resolution to 0.50 ps. Excellent Repeatability to 0.1 ps
  • Extremely Linear Phase Characteristics per instrument model
  • Excellent Power Handling Capability to 50 W peak
  • Convenient Manual Control with Microterminal MT-100A

Support for Diverse Applications

Our products are designed to meet requirements for diverse applications from DC to optical wavelengths. Consider these features to determine the right product for you.


  • Minimum or maximum delay time
  • Operating frequency range
  • Performance parameters such as insertion loss


  • Fixed or variable models
  • Broadband or narrowband units
  • Miniature or instrument-grade units
  • Active or passive designs