Dual channels (two trombones) operating independently side by side. Up to 625.0 ps delay each channel for differential signals.

The PDL-200A combines dual electro-mechanical trombones separately and in parallel to offer 0 to 625.0 ps of total delay in each channel of a dual channel unit.  In one single unit, the PDL-200A offers the same resolution (to 0.50 ps step size) as the PDL-100A while doubling the number of chanels as needed for diferential signals.  the total delay range of the instrument. The PDL-200A is equivalent to two PDL-100A’s in parallel but in half the size and with only one unit to command and control. 

For demanding applications where completely wideband passive delay is required across the entire signal path, the PDL-200A offers industry leading performance.

The PDL-200A’s high-resolution delay line based on the Electro-Mechanical Trombone delay line structure has a total delay range from 0 to 625 ps and bandwidth from DC to 18 Ghz. An internal stepper motor produces precise delay steps with a resolution to 0.5 ps when operated in series connected mode. The patented Mechanical Trombone design has an outstanding operational lifetime of 500,000 operations, and an absolute accuracy of 0.1%, ± 0.2 ps.

PDL-200A Models and CPDL-200A Comparison 

PDL-200A - 625 psPDL-200A - 1.25 nsCPDL-200A - 1.25 ns
Dual ChannelSingle ChannelDual Channel
625 ps (each channel)1.25 ns (one channel)1.25 ns (one channel)
Trombones operate in parallel and independentlyTrombone placed in-series and operates as one unit with total extended range to 1.25 nsTrombones operate in parallel and independently with extended range


PDL-200A Models Specifications 

PDL-200A 625 psPDL-200A 1.25 ns
Delay TypeElectro-mechanical TromboneElectro-mechanical Trombone
ConfigurationDual ChannelSingle Channel
Resolution0.50 ps0.50 ps
Delay Range0 to 625.0 ps per channel/trombone unit0 to 1.25 ns
Total Phase Shift Resolution per 1.0 GHz225° at 625 ps / 0.18°450° at 1.25 ns / 0.18°
Frequency RangeDC to 18.0 GHzDC to 18.0 GHz
Data RateDC to 40 Gb/s DCDC to 40 Gb/s DC
Delay at 0 ns1.60 ns3.30 ns
ConnectivityGPIB (IEEE 488.2), Ethernet TCP/IP, RS-232GPIB (IEEE 488.2), Ethernet TCP/IP, RS-232
Power Handling10W CW, 50W peak10W CW, 50W peak
Repeatability0.03 ps SD0.03 ps SD
Recommended Service Interval500K operations500K operations
Maximum Settling Time1500 ms1500 ms
Recommended Operating Temperature+10° C to 30° C.+10° C to 30° C.
Absolute Accuracy0.1%, 0.03 ps SD0.1%, 0.03 ps SD
Physical Dimensions (approx)13.375" L x 12.875" W x 5.625" H13.375" L x 12.875" W x 5.625" H
Physical Weight7.3 kg+7.3 kg+



MT-100A provides convenient LCD display and numeric keypad entry for manual control of desired delay.


RMO-1 rack mount kit option to mount delay line instrument chassis into a standard 19" rack. 


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