Electro-mechanical trombone with incredible precision. 

The base model PDL-100A-625.0PS offers total delay from 0 to 625.0 ps and signal input bandwidth from DC to 18 GHz. Additional models in the series offer up to 100 ns of delay or more depending on customer requirements.  Typical models with delay extensions are at 1.25 nanoseconds (ns), 10.0 ns, and 20.0 ns of total delay.


Engineers have used this delay line as a phase shifter in noise cancellation loops and in digital applications up to 40 Gb/s NRZ with excellent results. 


Incorporate 0 to 625.0 ps of delay range into your products with the trombone only version of our instrument. 


For differential signal applications, this unit offers dual PDL-100A trombones side-by-side in one unit.