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125 femtosecond (fs) per step resolution has been achieved!.  Using a new double-precision stepper motor, 125 fs per step resolution PDL-100A-OEM model now available! More...
Nov 2008
New PDL-200A Series models for DUAL CHANNEL and DIFFERENTIAL SIGNAL applications.  Combine dual trombones to extend range or additional channels. More...
June 2008
New PIN Diode Modules offer high-speed programmable delay to 1 ps resolution for OEM systems.  P1-PDM, P2-PDM, and P3-PDM modules now available. More...
Jan 2008
F-18 aerospace

Colby Instruments is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of high-precision programmable delay line instruments and modules for microwave/RF signals.  Our products include a patented design that offers the highest precision resolution available for any instrumentation electromechanical delay line while also offering excellent repeatability and accuracy. Each delay line model in our Programmable Delay Line PDL-100A Series is programmable via remote interface or local control. Only the highest performance products and components available in the industry are used in the design and manufacture of all of our products.

Programmable Delay Lines are also used as phase shifters in many microwave/RF signal applications where requirements to electrically delay or phase shift signals to a high degree of accuracy and precision is of critical importance. Our new PDL-100A Programmable Delay Line Series of instruments lead the industry in offering delay resolution to 0.50 picosecond accuracy (or phase shift precision to 0.18 degrees per 1 GHz signal frequency).

Our focus on engineering design excellence has produced high precision products with a proven performance history. Typical product applications for the Programmable Delay Line instrument include Test and Measurement, Aerospace and Defense Systems, Fiber Optics, Telecommunications, Government, high precision timing and synchronization applications, microwave and high frequency RF phase shifting, phase noise analysis, University research, and laser research facilities.