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Colby Instruments Programmable Delay Line Instruments are used across a wide range of high-precision microwave and RF signal applications in Test and Measurement Laboratories, Electronic and Aerospace companies, Defense Systems, Fiber Optics, Telecommunications, Semiconductor Fabrication, and in leading University and Laser Research Labs in the United States and overseas. Our Application Notes Library highlights some of these applications.



Our instruments are used as the primary programmable phase shifter with industry leading Phase Noise Analyzer Manufacturers including: Agilent/Keysight, Aeroflex/Noise XT and Holzworth.


Phase Noise Measurements & Jitter Analysis

The Agilent JS-1000 Performance Jitter Solution is a Phase Noise System that measures clock jitter characteristics and utilizes the Colby Instruments PDL-10A as a primary component in this OEM offering.
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Phase Noise Measurement System

The Aeroflex PN9000 Phase Noise Measurement System utilizes the Colby Instruments PDL-30A as a frequency discriminator since the Programmable Delay Line provides linear phase shift as a function of the frequency.
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Our instruments are used as programmable delay (to de-skew or align data or clock sources) in a variety of applications including digital data analysis (bit error rate testers) and signal generators.

Synchronizing differential clock sources for Bit Error Ratio Test (BERT)

Colby Instruments PDL-10A and PDL-30A are Programmable Delay Line front-end instruments used to synchronize data and clock sources for Agilent OmniBER 725 Bit Error Ratio Test equipment.
5988-2861EN.pdf (1 MB)

Measuring Jitter in Digital Systems

Application note for engineers who design data transfer systems and components operating at over a gigabit per second concerned with jitter on their system's bit error rator (BER). Colby Instruments PDL instruments are critical components in high-precision jitter measurement analysis.
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Synchronizing clock sources for Agilent Pattern Generator 70841B

and Agilent Error Detector 70842B when evaluating Agilent 622.08 Mb/s OC-12 ATM-SONET/SDH Reference Design for Multimode and Single-Mode Applications.
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Find Tuning Clock Source for Agilent Pattern Generator 70841B

and Agilent 70311A Clock Source when evaluating Agilent HDMP-163K Evaluation Board.
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Synchronizing clock sources for Agilent Pattern Generator 70841B

and Agilent Error Detector 70842B when evaluating Agilent HFBR-0535 Gigabit/s Ethernet (1.25 GBd) 1x9 Fiber-Optic Transceiver Board.
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Adjust mis-matched delay lines in Cypress Semiconductor Application Note

on Jitter in Transmission Systems.  Colby Instruments' PG1000A Pulse Generator, Custom Clock buffer and translator, and Programmable Delay Line (PDL-30A) instruments are used in Jitter Analysis.
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622 MBd ATM/SONET/SDH PHY Reference Design Development

utilizes Colby Instruments' PDL-10A in core system design.
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Dewar-to-Dewar Data Transfer at 2 Gigabits per Second

Northrop Grumman and MIT Lincoln Lab use Colby Instruments PDL-10A to demonstrate 2 Gbps data transfer between superconductive digital chips through more than 3 meters of 50 ohm cable without using any semiconductor amplifiers in the critical data path.
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NEC Corporation High-resolution Measurement by a High-T Superconductor Sampler

NEC Fundamental Research Laboratory Scientist use Colby Instruments PDL-10A in high resolution measurement system by a High-T Superconductor Sampler.
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